Introduction to Crafts

This is Candace’s Craft Corner, now known as Sinamin Stick Promotions and Sinamin Stick Crafts. It is my little nook on the internet. I’m sure you would agree that crafts can be a lot of fun for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Many find a craft they enjoy and spend time creating fabulous projects while unwinding. Hobbies are so peaceful and serene, even if some are difficult to learn and do. The most interesting part about crafting, though, is that everyone is bound to find something that appeals to their skill level and interest.

Remember, too, crafts are not always things like knitting, embroidery and making macaroni pictures. Even little children painting potatoes to make them look like hilarious people is a craft.

Do-it-yourself projects can be considered a type of craft, too. If you are redecorating a room, for example, being able to make designs with the paint or creating funky upholstery for a hassock is what crafters do. A friend of mine was kind enough to write out for us what she did to make her young grandsons’ bedroom more serviceable for them. The post is called Boys Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms and has some nifty solutions.

I actually did this project for the dog. We had an old ottoman and I re-covered it so the dog could sit at the living room window. He is old now and can’t get into a chair, so the hassock with new fabric and padding was not only a great addition to the room, but a necessity for our aging family member.

I’ve seen gorgeous headboards made from fabric to brighten up a dull and tired bedroom. Old benches are another way to swap things out. Find a bench that is still durable at the flea market or yard sale, then make the top into a nice cushion. It would be perfect anywhere in the house you need extra seating!

Another area that I thoroughly enjoy is Christmas. I love finding the neatest patterns, supplies and ideas for decorating the house. But I also want to find appropriate gifts such as aprons, throw cushions and towels.

Most people have hobbies that keep them busy when they are trying to unwind, think and relax. For some, those are crafts which can include a large group of activities that we all have heard of from time to time. For others, it is renovating rooms in the house or making a space more comfortable and organized.

Maybe you need something for your yard, car, camper or house and the store doesn’t have that one item that is just right. So you dust off your sewing machine and grab your supplies and make it yourself.

Whatever your reason for taking measures into your own hands, crafting and creating homemade things can be a lot of fun.

Anyway, let me tell you about some of the things I want to do and show you.

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. Not only the decorations and baking, but also the fact that where I live, it is winter. I know that season can be extremely brutal sometimes, and it is expensive in the sense that you need lots of warm clothing, outerwear and footwear, but it has a beauty that is so special.

Like many people, we have a fireplace. Ours is gas, but it has stonework all around and a lovely wood mantle piece. Everyone loves to hang their Christmas stockings up there waiting for Santa’s visit. I remember a special family moment when we all got out the sparkles, rhinestones and felt and made our own cute socks.

One of my most favorite pastimes is baking and I love to try different recipes. But, I must admit, they can’t be too difficult or I get bored and forget about it. I learned a long time ago that if there are too many ingredients or if it is too technical, I am best to avoid it and find something else to make. And to keep my clothes somewhat clean with the hustle and bustle at holiday time, I try to get myself a couple pretty Christmas apron panels to sew. In the spring I find another set with lovely vibrant flowers.

I do love to decorate cupcakes and layer cakes. I am not that good at it, but it does make me feel good. I tried to do a break-away cake which is simply cupcakes arranged on a tray and the icing on top makes it look like a full cake. I said simply, but it was harder than I thought it would be keeping the cupcakes still while I decorated. But they loved it at the retirement party I attended.

To be honest, I would love a job as a specialist baker. It would have been nice to go to school to learn a few tricks and tips from the experts.

Sewing is something else I absolutely love. I have been making clothes since I was young and by the time I got to high school, two of the teachers commissioned me to make a couple outfits for them. You see when I made my own clothes, I started with a pattern, but by the time I finished they didn’t look anything like the picture. I customized them to look designer made.

One of those same teachers was the sewing teacher and we not only had to use the machines and such, but we had to pick crafts to do. I choose rug hooking. I would have gotten a better grade but I only did the theory part. She said I should have made a little sample of what I was talking about.

One of the customization techniques I use is rhinestone buttons for clothing. You can make anything truly unique, plus at the same time, take your clothing from plain to wow! It is amazing how the littlest details create the biggest splash. And nowadays, there is so much more selection that you can go crazy and recycle all your older outfits.

Finally, while I am obviously not an expert at every craft out there, I have tried to speak to various experts on the topics, so that we can all enjoy some good and useful information.

Welcome to Sinamin Stick Promotions and I hope we get to interact and have fun ~!

Your Hostess,

Summary: Crafts focused on knitting, sewing, and Christmas decorating with tutorials, patterns, supplies, tool reviews, projects and gifts for every skill level.