Christmas Apron Panels To Sew

Christmas Apron Panels To Sew

Get a head start on your holiday planning with these lovely Christmas apron panels to sew. I don't know about you but I love wearing something to cover up my clothes from food stains. When I have my best festive outfit on, I want to be particularly careful.

The fabric is made from cotton and you will receive all the pieces you need for the finished product. Everything is shown on a larger sheet of material, which you cut out and then sew. When complete, it will be the right size for a child and is perfect for baking with its pictures of cupcakes and a cute Gingerbread family. The bottom of the fabric has the ties for around the neck and the waist. In hues of brown and beige, it is a delightful coverup!

When the family is cooking the holiday meal and baking up some nice treats, it would be nice if everyone got into the spirit by dressing up. Each person could choose a different pattern and make their own.

What I really like is that even though the fabric does have Christmas trees on it, you could use this apron any time of the year. Plus, the colors are darker so if you do get stuff on it, it should easily wash out.

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