Construction Equipment Quilt Patterns

Construction Equipment Quilt Patterns

If you have a child or grandson that just loves watching big and heavy machinery, then you and he will adore these construction equipment quilt patterns. Whether you are trying to spruce up a bedroom, or need a birthday gift, making a nice quilt or blanket is ideal with this fabric.

Made from cotton, there are plenty of images including workers with shovels or jack hammers, dump trucks, under construction warning signs, bulldozers and lots of other tools.

Sold by the yard, the blue background with brightly colored pictures will catch the attention of any little one when he opens this gift.

Needless to say this fabric is for younger tots, maybe under four. But it will keep them busy learning about each individual item on the print. They can learn how to say the names and become a pro with construction terms and equipment. Add some batting between the fabric and you will have a super looking comforter.

Not only a lovely print to make bedding, curtains, pillows or maybe even pajamas, I like the fact that it can be a learning tool at the same time!

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