Heavy Duty Stocking Holders for Mantle

Heavy Duty Stocking Holders for Mantle

Don't you just hate it when your socks fall off the fireplace? How will Santa find them on Christmas Eve? The only way to fix this dilemma is with heavy duty stocking holders for a mantle.

When they are solid enough, they won't fall down, and you can keep your socks safe for his visit. No more little ones crying because their stuff isn't where it is supposed to be and thinking they will be missed.

I have to say this pinecone holder is going to stay in place since it is made with cast iron and appears quite rugged at three pounds weight. In a rustic color, it will go other displays such as a wreath above the fireplace or some garland around the room. The hook for the sock is large, too, which means that the sock shouldn't have any problem staying up where it belongs. I also noticed in the picture that there is a hole at the back. If you wanted to affix it permanently, you could.

One thing everyone says about this item is that it is solid. It is durable and does its purpose well keeping up full socks. And that's the idea right? Making sure everything looks nice when the kids up Christmas morning. Plus it is one thing to hold an empty sock, but once Santa arrives, part of the surprise is how it looks!

I kind of like the fact that it is does not only have to be used at Christmas. The pine cone is nice for all times of the year if you have anything you need to hang safely.

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