Moisture Resistant Wreath Storage Bag

Moisture Resistant Wreath Storage Bag

I've bought lots of clear plastic for my Christmas decorations, but a moisture resistant wreath storage bag is the best idea that I have seen in a long time. If you have ever made your own wreath or bought an expensive one, you know that you want to keep it nice for upcoming years. The dilemma has always been how to do that?

This red tarp like material storage container is quite large at thirty inches around and seven inches high. For some garlands, you will be able to keep more than one piece in it. With the zippered closure, you can keep out that awful dust that collects through the year, actually ruining the pieces on your display.

Also, this model is insect resistant which is a bonus as there are always bugs around the house, particularly in the basement. Finally, it is moisture resistant. Dampness can cause mold and mildew and you want your display nice and fresh every year when you bring it out at Thanksgiving or Christmas, depending on when you decorate your home.

Anyone that makes their own boughs, garlands or any type of wreath display will love being able to store them in a special box. It will be easy to find when the time comes. I hate that when I have packed Christmas decorations in old cardboard boxes and then I have to figure out where everything is to get to one piece.

One thing that drives me nuts when I pack away my displays is that next year when I look at them, something is always missing. Then I have to backtrack downstairs or in the attic to see if I can find the item, and then if it is salvageable to put it back on. With the storage container, I don't have to worry about lost pieces. They will be found safe in the bag for reattachment.

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