Pink Rhinestone Buttons for Clothing

Pink Rhinestone Buttons for Clothing

When I sew skirt or pant suits, I want something completely unique. Not only in the patterns and fabrics, but right down to the embellishments. That's why when I saw this beautiful set of pink rhinestone buttons for clothing, I knew it was perfect.

I always have a huge supply of accessories, but they are not that fancy, nor are they different than anybody else's. I want pizzazz and that wow factor!

These embellishments are absolutely stunning. And in my favorite color, too, so that makes them even better. They are going to match several projects I have on the go, just waiting for the finishing touches.

What I really like is these work well on pieces that need something at the collar to keep it closed so the jacket hangs properly.

Also, they would be lovely as brooch type jewelry on the lapel. Just looking them, I can think of several uses to brighten up my handmade clothes and even make them more elegant.

For those of you that don't really sew, that's okay, because you can use these embellishments for jewelry or to dress up your purse or wallet. They are different sizes, shapes and designs.

The complementary colors of blue, silver and varying hues of the same color make them quite attractive and will match many of your personal belongings.

Think about things you want to use more than once, but you want people to think you have something new. You can really take an old item and spruce it up. Or if you are going out to a fancy dinner or night club, adding bling always makes you feel good and the item look awesome!

I have to honestly say that these gorgeous pink rhinestone buttons for clothing are going to be an addition to my sewing kit. But whether you sew or not, make them an addition to your wardrobe!

Rhinestone For Clothing Ideas and Suggestions

Since I love to sew, I mostly use a huge selection of sparkly buttons for the garments I design for myself, a few clients, and my children.

But there are plenty of other ways to incorporate them into your finished pieces regardless of method of creating. For example, items of clothing can be made from yarn. You might knit a gorgeous cardigan and want to finish it off perfectly with a rhinestone for clothing.

Rhinestone For Clothing

I thought these silver rhinestones would suit that purpose perfectly. Imagine running a length down the fronts and around the bottom where the hem lies.

Start at the upper left and go down to the bottom corner, around the back bottom, and then up the right side to the top. How stunning would the sweater be in white with the silver rhinestone buttons!

Although this roll is not a traditional button in the sense of closing a garment, the long attached pieces make for a spectacular display.

Another idea I had when I saw the color was to finish off a pair of long evening gloves. My sister is having a fancy party in October where she is asking everyone to dress like Hollywood movie stars. Anyone can buy the gloves and add these rhinestones very quickly to make themselves look very glamorous.

If you have a little black dress, spruce it up for an elegant look by attaching the glittery buttons to the neckline. You won't even have to wear a necklace and everyone will wonder where you bought such a lovely designer piece.

According to the instructions you can quickly snip the roll at any point with only scissors. With ten yards at your disposal, you can get crazy with the rhinestone for clothing.

How I Use Rhinestone Buttons for Crafts

Of course, every suggestion I have given on this page could be attributed to a craft. But in addition to clothing, whether sewn or knitted, there are plenty of other ways to make a sparkly sewing button into something else.

It could be a charm on a bracelet, a marker to distinguish two different items, a cute pendant for your necklace, or even a pretty addition to a gift tag holding the ribbon and tag together giving the gift a subtle but unique presentation.

Right off the top of my head, I could probably think of a hundred ways to fuse the symmetry of rhinestone buttons for crafts.

Let's take a look at an example, shall we? One product, lots of different uses.

Rhinestone Buttons for Crafts

I saw these sweet little bees and knew they had great potential. For one thing, my sister insists on buying her kids the exact same thing. Their backpacks for school is something that comes to mind. They never know whose is whose.

But if she got these little charms and attached them to either the zipper or one of the hooks on the bag, the kids would know which one was their own by finding their favorite craft rhinestone buttons.

Just use thread or yarn to affix the hook on the bee, swan, horse, owl or ice cream cone. The child gets to pick a personal piece and there are no more problems with identity.

Because these are flat back rhinestone buttons, they are easy to use on clothing, especially knits. I've seen lots of patterns for knitted sweaters where the join for the sleeve is at an angle, not on the shoulder. You could attach a few of these little charms to that spot to make the design really pop. I think the finished product would be adorable for young children and so personalized.

To be honest, pictures say it all and if you want to see an excellent selection of ideas for knits, have a look over here at Wool and The Gang.

I was also thinking that if you wanted to dress up your running shoes, you could pick out two rhinestone buttons and add them to the shoelaces. Some runners even have an actual spot to hang them on.

You could make them your good luck charm for your tennis match or whatever game you are playing. Practicing for that marathon run? Let your little rhinestone buttons motivate you and press you onward!

Another practical use for the button is on the zipper on your handbag or wallet. I find it irritating sometimes when I can't get a hold of the tab. Having one of these charms would be the ideal solution. Plus, they dress up the purse, too.

Like I said at the beginning, I could probably write a book about all the ways I would use rhinestone buttons for crafts. What would be your favorite idea?

Unique Buttons for Clothing

Wow... are these fancy rhinestone buttons or what! The gold and black colors are stunning together, plus the little flower motif at the top make them so elegant and glamorous.

Unique Buttons for Clothing

They are a bit more difficult to sew on but because I am always on the lookout for unique buttons for clothing, I would go the extra mile and make these work for a piece I designed and sewed.

You just have to decide which end or side you want facing out then place the thread through the holes and sew to your item of clothing. I think they would suit wool suits or linens best. Any heavy fabric would finish off smartly with this kind of rhinestone button. And then, we have that old standby suggestion... knitted sweaters.

As you have probably gathered, and I keep repeating myself, I do love buttons. I was given a pearl necklace and earrings for my graduation years ago and they have always been cherished. As a result, rhinestone pearl buttons work for me when I am making a dress suit.

Rhinestone flatback buttons are easier to work with than the round ones in this picture, but still, you really need to try different things if you want to have clothes, accessories and crafts that are uniquely your own style.

I don't really wear belts much any more, but if you are creative with leather, then I can see you making yourself a gorgeous belt and adding these black and gold embellishments. You'll be so fashionable that everyone that sees that belt will want a design of their own. Maybe you can even make your hobby into a small business!

To be honest with you, I can see unique buttons for clothing in a store, and then go home and think about how I will use them. That means I make something specifically to use those buttons. I don't always work the other way around. But that is what I enjoy about sewing and crafting.

To show you how much I love buttons and embellishments, I have a Pinterest board dedicated to the topic. Why not have a look?

Nail Designs with Rhinestones and Glitter

One last craft I see is using rhinestones to bling out the nails. This has become a serious trend as every search I do online has thousands of pictures of beautifully done finger nails. I had seen the odd example on television shows, but I never realized the craft was so prevalent. I think it is wonderful to be able to do such intricate designs and I applaud the workmanship.

Nail Designs with Rhinestones and Glitter

Needless to say you won't be using rhinestone sewing buttons to complete this task. They actually have kits for this purpose as you can see in the picture to the left. Make sure you take a look because they also have a six step process with text and images to guide you on how to use on your own finger nails and make your design. This is really helpful for someone like me who has no idea where to start this project.

There are also examples of what others have done in different colors showing us how to do our nails for different occasions or seasons. There are fifty pieces total so you can mix and match. You should have lots to last some time because I don't think you would do all your nails at once. But even if you do as I saw in the examples, which were gorgeous, by the way, you would have enough for five different changes.

Since this type of craft is real visual, I found a video to help with getting started and creating your own nail art masterpiece.

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