Self Adhesive Rhinestones On A Roll

Self Adhesive Rhinestones On A Roll

I love flashy glitzy things on my clothing, so when I saw self adhesive rhinestones on a roll, I knew I needed them for a new blouse I was sewing. I had an idea in my mind to finish off the collar and cuffs with something, but wasn't sure what I liked. Plus, I need something different than I had done before. Don't want all my stuff to look the same!

What an incredible package. Sheets of different sizes and colors to match all kinds of craft project and sewing that I do. I even thought I could make some nice headbands, too. Green, purple, pink, gold, black and red give you all the colors you need. A friend thought she would make a sparkly tiara for her little girl. Since each sheet is wrapped separate, it helps you to keep the gems clean and you won't be losing them all when you are trying to work.

To be honest, if I took a pen and paper and started making a list of ways to use these lovely gems, I would probably never finish the list. It would be ongoing, since there are so many things to do. They are great for Halloween costumes, Christmas decorations, children's party favor jewelry, face or body artwork, dog or cat collars, belts and clothing. My white sneakers could use some pop and these would be ideal.

Because these affix nicely to wood, glass, plastic and fabrics, they are much easier to apply than having to get out the glue gun. No mess, no fuss, and no burnt fingertips.

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