Boys Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

Boys Bedroom Ideas for Small RoomsThis kids' bedroom makeover tutorial comes from a friend that makes everything in her house so warm and inviting. I thank her for writing this out for us.

While trying to spruce up my two grandsons’ bedroom and get each one a little more space, I decided that writing this website on kids furniture and decor would be helpful, not only to myself, but to others looking to do the same thing at their homes.

The boys are getting a little older, close to six and seven and felt that their room looked like a baby's area. So, we looked around the internet and of course, they told me about their favorite super heroes, and then we made decisions on what to buy in order to improve the bedroom and living space.

We three, chose new bedding, new curtains, storage bins, and table and chairs, as well as a bookcase for a work area. We got rid of the old rug and found some really nice thin rubber mats instead, that the boys like better. Now, they just love their room and can spend time reading and drawing.

Before we started buying anything, we had to decide what was absolutely essential. One thing that immediately popped into my mind was a desk for their school work and art projects, but it had to be big enough for both to work at.

Either that or we needed two desks. I didn't like the idea of the boys having to squabble over who would use the desk. With the limited space, this was going to be a dilemma, for sure, and probably required the most thought.

We also needed new bedding, some storage units, and somewhere to get the lamp off the floor and on a proper table or stand so that it was easy to turn on and off and not get broken.

Elmo Storage Shelf With Nine Buckets
Elmo Storage Shelf With Nine Buckets

Now, this shelving could be used for younger children, too, but the most important thing here is that the boys chose it and I love it. They wanted it because of the bright designs and colors, since both of them are very creative and art minded. I liked it because it was practical and with the nine bins to separate things out, it was a good organizer.

Many people use the unit for toys, but the boys are putting all their supplies such as paper, pens, colored pencils and crayons, glue, stickers, bottles of glitter, and everything else that has to do with their collections and artwork supplies.

Super Mario Sheet Set With Pillowcase
Super Mario Sheet Set With Pillowcase

Believe it or not, Super Mario is still very popular with kids. I was surprised to see the boys gravitate to all the selections of bedding including the comforters, throw pillows, and sheets. I think the draw is the fact that they know the characters, but also, the designs are uplifting. Bright colors, again, win out which I prefer anyway, so no need to veto this decision!

One of the boys wanted to keep his navy blue comforter which was a Christmas gift from another family member. That was fine with me and he paired it up with this three-piece sheet set including fitted bottom sheet, flat top sheet, and pillowcase. The navy bedspread contrasted nicely with the large bold designs of the pillowcase.

Dinosaur Comforter with Sheets, Sham and Pillowcase
Dinosaur Comforter with Sheets, Sham and Pillowcase

The other boy wanted something different and this set was a great buy for the money. It included a comforter, pillow sham, top and bottom sheets plus pillowcase. I must admit the dinosaurs are completely adorable. The boys might not like me using that word. Hahaha ... As they grow older, I have to watch what I say if they think it is babyish.

Long Wall Desk For Two People
Long Wall Desk For Two People

When it came to the desk or work space, I had to think long and hard about this. A table with chairs might work but there were a few drawbacks.

First of all, a table set needed a lot of space. Second, the boys would fight about one or the other hogging the tabletop and placing too many of the supplies on the other boy's side. Third, the chairs are very uncomfortable for sitting long periods of time. Likewise, if they had to work on the laptop or tablet, the whole setup was not very inviting.

I finally settled on this desk which matches the table between the beds, but is totally functional and durable. With the drawers in the middle, it gives the boys an actual partition, so they know whose side is whose. It can be used by children or adults, so I won't be buying a desk every year as they grow.

Finally, it means they have a serious space where they can devote their attentions to homework and any personal projects they may wish to start.

Center Lamp Table with Two Shelves
Center Lamp Table with Two Shelves

We needed something between the beds for the lamp and to store the boys' gizmos such as flashlights, bubble gum, bedtime book, and whatever else they wanted to keep bedside.

To keep things neat and tidy, and keep peace between the two, this end table, which I used as a center table, was the perfect solution. It was strong and durable for boys and I could position it between the two beds. The lamp could sit safely on the top of the table, then underneath were two nice size shelves, one for each boy to keep handy whatever he chose.

To sum it up, all we really did was spruce up the room by buying some new bedding, added storage space with the tiered buckets and bedside table, then made a functional workspace complete with two-person desk, and two computer chairs chosen to fit each child's size and comfort.
About Me and Why I Wrote this Article
I am a grandmother raising two grandsons. Since I have limited space in a small home, I tried to make efficient use of the little space we had in their shared bedroom. I don't really care about mixing things up in my room, but I found that the kids furniture and decor was important to them and made them feel better.

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