About Candace

Candace LongsworthMy name is Candace Longsworth and I love crafts. Especially when finding fun things for my kids to do.

I’ve made beautifully embroidered doilies, pillow cases and dresser scarves along with two or three large hooked rugs. One was a colorful clown with balloons that I donated for a charity auction.

I’ve tried my hand at knitting, but never quite got the hang of making anything of substance. The best I might say is that I made a long piece of knitted material.

Once, when I was really eager, I cut out hundreds of square pieces of fabric from scraps of old clothing and then, sewed them into a lovely comforter. I bought the batten to stuff the inside. That wasn’t a hard project, but it was time consuming and tedious with all that cutting. The end result was wonderful, though, because I had a really nice warm blanket for the bed.

To be honest, a small size one would be a good attempt for someone starting out. The finished product doesn’t have to be perfect like clothing, but there is plenty of sewing to learn. If you are new to sewing, you might want to use one of the many dressmaking kits for beginners, like the ones I found here and wrote about.

Macramé is not really of any interest to me, but I did a plant hanger when I accompanied my children to a parents/kids day camp. And, I have tried tie-dye, although I found it to be too messy and a lot of work. My shirts never came out the way I imagined them to be… LOL …

When I was in grade school, we were required to make a papier-mâché figure in art class. The project extended for a few weeks and I created this giant elephant. I thought it was a masterpiece, but it ended up in the basement.

Baking and sewing are probably my favorite things to do.

As you can see, I do like a variety of crafts and I hope you enjoy the site ~!

Your hostess,