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I know my users have plenty of questions about different craft projects. I have to be honest, though:
1. I am really swamped for time.
2. I am not familiar with the techniques of all crafts.

So, it makes it difficult if you write about something and I can’t answer. But, having said that, I think the better way for you to ask your question is on the actual tutorial or article. That way, everyone can participate and your contribution will benefit all users.

It is a lot more fun, too, when everyone can join in.

If there is any inquiry that does not belong in the comments section of the site, then by all means, please write. But, under no circumstances should spammers use this contact form to offer me any sort of product or service.

Other site owners, however may request a link back but it will be up to my sole discretion whether the site complies with quality control and whether I have the time to set it up.

Thank you to all my readers for the continued support.

Lastly, if you wish to know how information is used, please check the Privacy Page. Thank you. Basically, the only reason I need your email address is to respond to your request.