Freeze Dried Rose Petals vs Fresh

Before choosing wedding petals for your wedding day toss and decorations, it might be wise to read about the different types of rose petals, flower buds, and blooms that can be used. In addition, you might want to have an idea of the colors available. So, we have provided a very brief description of each for you.

Fresh Rose Petals
These are rose petals that are gathered directly from the buds, and use them as soon as possible so that the rose petals will maintain its freshness and true beauty.

Freeze Dried Rose Petals
These are rose petals that are stored in a freeze-drier to be able to maintain its beauty and prevent bruising on any part of the rose petal. Freeze dried rose petals are thicker compared to fresh rose petals. These are most often used if you want to use a real rose petal, and when there are no available fresh rose petals in flower shops.

Silk Rose Petals
These are artificial rose petals, and there are more colors available compared to real rose petals. If you want to use rose petals that have more colors for different occasions such as wedding, you can choose silk rose petals.

You are probably wondering why there are different types of rose petals. Some are more suited to different areas. For example, you might prefer to use silk petals to avoid staining the carpet or flooring. Also, you might prefer the fresh scent of new petals or blooms.

What are the different colors of wedding petals available?
There are different colors of rose petals that you can choose from. Before selecting a rose petal, you should consider the theme color of your wedding so that they would complement each other. It is important that you get to know the basic coloring of rose petals because this will help you in deciding for the right rose petal color appropriate to your wedding theme.

Monochrome Rose Petals
These rose petals have a one color for the entire rose petal. They can appear very simple and beautiful. If you want to use a rose petal that has the same color, you can purchase monochrome rose petals. Monochrome rose petals include the colors red, orange, and yellow.

Painted Rose Petals
These are rose petals that have silver petals and are painted with red patches, and they may also have a white color in its base.

Mixed Rose Petals
These rose petals have two or more different colors. The mixed rose petals are ideal for wedding themes that has a variety of colors. But you need to match up the rose petal colors with your wedding theme.

Striped Rose Petals
These rose petals have also a variety of colors in each petal but one of the colors should appear like a band.

Streaked Rose Petal
Streaked rose petals have different colors on the inner and outer portion of each rose petal.

Multicolored Rose Petals
These rose petals that change its petal color as time goes by.

Clearly, there are many wedding petals from which to choose. Plus I have lots more ideas about do-it-yourself wedding decorations in this article.

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