Fresh Rose Petals for Wedding Aisle

Rose petals are very attractive and they can be used for a variety of occasions. Petals and tiny blooms can be a wonderful accessory to your wedding reception, and even on the aisle up to the altar. They represent beauty and elegance that can match every wedding theme. Rose petals can also represent sweetness and love, and that is why rose petals are very popular especially during wedding ceremonies.

The other way that you can use roses at your wedding is by incorporating soap petals. They can be used to make lovely centerpieces for your guest’s tables. You might, also, fill up wine glasses or other glassware with rose scented soap petals. They come in a variety of colors which will make subtle but fabulous displays, and create memorable decorations for your venue. Add some lights to really emphasize the beauty and intricacy of the petals.

Further, rose petals should be placed in a proper container so that they will not be torn apart or damaged. Containers come in a wide range of styles and colors which are ideal for different events. You can choose from various rose petal containers that will suit your taste and theme of the occasion. There are dainty pockets, bags made from nylon, sheer rayon or silk fabric, as well as lovely, little purses that can store rose petals, and they are very nice for wedding tosses.

Below you will find some helpful tips that you can implement when choosing rose petals wedding tosses.

Fresh White Petals, Alone or Mixed

Fresh white petals are the perfect choice for weddings. The color symbolizes purity and innocence. Also, using the white mixed with other colors is spectacular when tossed on the wedding aisle.

Freeze Dried Blushing Bride Petals

The blushing bride petals are quite dainty and elegant. So colored and named for the anxious bride, these petals are gorgeous as aisle tosses or dessert table decorations.

Silk Cherry Blossom Petals

Silk petals are lovely in lavender, cherry blossom, hydrangea and rose. White, lemon, purple, blush and pink, there are many silk petals from which to choose and match your wedding day theme.

Another idea when creating your own decorations for your special day is to make centerpieces. I have a few suggestions over here that don’t always include flowers but are still spectacular!

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