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No guts and gore here! Just real family fun crafts and projects that will definitely be a little spooky, but certainly not heart throbbing scary.

Motion Activated Halloween Props

After we got home and I was retelling the story, it occurred to me that I had never seen the displays like this for Halloween. There were a lot of neighbors that put out large snow globes and inflatable Christmas trees, but the pumpkin house was a new thing for me.

But as many home owners spend more time decorating their yards for different events, I figured there must be other popular displays that kids and families would love to see. To be honest, I was surprised to see the selection was enormous.

Best Outdoor Flameless Candles

As I started searching around for the best outdoor flameless candles, I was surprised to see that there was a nice selection. I am sure you would want to know about them, as well, so I have compiled my top five best list.

Halloween Cabochons for Hair Clips

If you have ever tried making custom hair bands and hair decorations for your little girls, these fun and spooky Halloween cabochons for hair clips are the ideal solution to dress up any costume.

Large Orange Storage Containers

Every household could use extra space. Most people like to be organized so that they can find things quickly, but as usual, stuff piles up and a big mess is the result. Since my kitchen is painted with brown and beige and has cute lace curtains with a delicate valance in light orange, I think large orange storage containers would be the best option to accessorize the room.