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What Size Knitting Needles Do I Need for a Blanket?

There are fewer things softer and more comfortable than a beautifully knitted blanket. Especially when you do the knitting yourself, somehow, it feels even more luxurious. With this project, as well as others, it’s important that you select the correct…

Learn How To Knit Kit For Beginners

I think it’s a lot easier today to undertake a new hobby or project. If you get stuck on a certain step, you are bound to find some instructions or video on the internet that can get you through to the next stage. But what’s even better than that is a learn how to knit kit for beginners.

Yarn Tree Cone Holder

Anyone that knits knows how aggravating it is when your wool gets all messed up. You know the feeling. It is connected to your project, but the other end has somehow got in a tangled mess. While looking for new needles the other day, I found this handy yarn tree cone holder.