Category: Sewing

Self Adhesive Rhinestones On A Roll

I love flashy glitzy things on my clothing, so when I saw self adhesive rhinestones on a roll, I knew I needed them for a new blouse I was sewing. I had an idea in my mind to finish off the collar and cuffs with something, but wasn’t sure what I liked.

Construction Equipment Quilt Patterns

If you have a child that loves watching heavy machinery, then you and he will adore these construction equipment quilt patterns. Whether you are trying to spruce up a bedroom, or need a birthday gift, making a nice quilt or blanket is ideal with this fabric.

Christmas Apron Panels To Sew

Get a head start on your holiday planning with these lovely Christmas apron panels to sew. I don’t know about you but I love wearing something to cover up my clothes from food stains.

First Sewing Projects for Adults

A friend told me she wanted to give sewing a go, but had no idea where to start, so I decided to find her some first sewing projects for adults books. As I looked around, I found an excellent one that contains fifteen different projects, all of which are explained in detail with instructions and pictures.